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What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is an organization, business, group or church which commits to fund all the expenses connected with constructing a Habitat home. The sponsor also commits to providing the labor needed to build the house.

Who can be a sponsor?

Any organization can be a sponsor. Some examples are: churches, civic groups, clubs, businesses and foundations.

How much does it cost to sponsor a home?

It takes approximately $60,000 (this does not include the cost of the land). The sponsor can reduce this amount by procuring in-kind contributions of services and materials from businesses and individuals within the community.

Can a group or organization co-sponsor a home if it does not have enough labor or funds to construct a home?

Yes. Some of our homes have been built by churches, groups and local organizations, working together in this capacity.

When does the work take place? How long does it take ?

It generally takes six to eight months to build a Habitat house, providing construction takes place Saturdays, plus one to two other days a week. This does not include professionals who may have to be hired to do certain technical jobs.

What assistance does Habitat provide the sponsor in constructing the home?

Habitat works in cooperation with the sponsor to select a site supervisor whom (with approval of the Executive Director); provides the lot to build upon; provides for all legal and title information required prior to construction; selects the prospective homeowners family; provides the house plans and obtains building permits. The site supervisor handles each day’s activities and coordinates volunteer work.

Why should my church, group or organization sponsor a home?

You should sponsor because thousands of people in our community live in substandard housing and your group or organization can do something about it. As the members of your group or organization work side by side with the selected family, your group will be united, perhaps as never before, by this life giving partnership.

What is the first step?

Please call the Habitat office at (541) 741 – 1707.

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