Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity  Contribution Coupon
I would like to help Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity fulfill its mission to build homes in partnership with families in need.
Here is my pledge of $_____ per month for ________months.
Here is my one time gift of $____________.
Here is at least $100 to join the 600 Club______________.
Here is my gift of $___________ in memory of _________________________.
Here is my alternative gift of $___________ in honor of another individual or family.
List name and address of individual or family member and we will notify them of your gift.
Holiday/Occasion to be celebrated_________________________________
Your Name____________________________________________________
Address____________________________________________  Zip_____________
Email Address______________________________________  Phone________________
_________ Check here if you do not wish to be publicly recognized for your gift in a newsletter or other manner.
When you supply contact information for persons or families in whose honor or memory you are making a gift, Habitat sends an acknowledgement to the person(s) designated, although we never share the amount of the gift.
All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Please make checks payable to Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity and mail to 1210 Oak
Patch Road, Eugene, OR 97402 - Thank You!
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